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My Services includes Ayurvedic Consultations, providing protocols will help to control and solve your imbalances, nutritional and motivational coaching, providing recipes, seminars, workshops, art therapy and yoga therapy, dance training and dance therapy using low impact movements and balancing yin yang.

Ayurveda Consultations for the first session last about 1 to 1 1/2 hour. Before the consultation, you will receive forms to fill out. All the information will be analyzed during our first session. Protocols including any detoxification, increasing your digestive fire (agni), panchakarma preparation and treatments will be given in the following session. Second session will be go over your follow up treatments.

First session $75, second session $45, any other following sessions over the phone will be at $25.

Consupranahandsltation/Yoga Therapy Location

PLEASE CONTACT DILEK to make an appointment

What can I help you with?


Ayurveda is used to cleanse the body, mind, and soul. There are detox and cleanse systems that can be used, though it has nothing to do with starvation or binging, unlike what you would find with some of the modern cleanses on the market.

You will learn how to make lifestyle changes to achieve a healthy state of being. This will allow you to be tuned into changes within your body so that you can achieve balance at all times, which is critical to maintaining proper health.

When you introduce Ayurveda into your life, it can change your entire outlook. Instead of always fixing when something has gone wrong, you can focus on maintaining health and balance.

At Warrior Goddess Ayurveda, we offer workshops, seminars, and more to ensure you know all that you care to about how to achieve balance so you can have more energy, achieve a healthy weight, and have a stronger state of mind on a daily basis.


There are various ayurvedic treatments that can be offered and much of it is going to depend on what’s going on with you. There are preventative treatments that will help you to achieve and maintain balance. There are also curative treatments that can help to resolve current imbalances so you can get to the natural balance of good health once again.

Hands on, customized care will always be provided to you. This ensures you get what you need for YOU, which can include modifications to your lifestyle, exercise routine, diet, spiritual rituals, art and dance therapy, and even yoga pranayama.


Various workshops and seminars can be attended throughout the year to feed the hunger for knowledge that is growing inside of you. These are group settings where you can meet people who have similar goals and mindsets.

Within the workshops and seminars, you are making a time investment to learn more about yourself and the world around you. Some of the topics have included health and nutrition, herbal protocols, yoga, art therapy, and promoting natural health.


What you eat is essential subject in Ayurveda, and one can integrate healthy, quick, easy, and fresh cooked meals into her/his life with the tips and recipes I can provide.

I teach workshops where cooking classes can be a fun way to learn more about how to integrate healthy and nutritious meals into your diet. Say no to fast food and processed food. There are fresh and delicious ingredients out there – and you can learn how to cook with them. This will make it that much easier for you to prepare meals for you and the whole family that are more vibrant and healthier for you.


Yoga treatments are a great way to reduce stress, improve fitness levels, and manage chronic conditions. There are countless benefits and there are also many forms of yoga that can be used depending upon the overall goals that you are trying to achieve. Weight loss, improvements in flexibility, relaxation, and more can be achieved from regular yoga training.

At Warrior Goddess Ayurveda, we will find the form of yoga that’s right for you. This allows us to show you the yoga asanas that work best for you given your current state of mental and physical health. Yoga can be strenuous, but it doesn’t have to be.

We will first focus on breathing techniques. Simply learning how to breathe in and out in a more effective way can help to improve the amount of oxygen going into the body and allow you to clear your head of any negativity.


Workshops on yoga therapy can be a lot of fun because you learn more about what you need and what you can benefit from by doing yoga. You can also meet a lot of likeminded individuals and you never know… you could form friends for life.

The workshops are held throughout the year and the themes can change. You may be able to try a new form of yoga or even learn how to perfect some of the asanas you have been struggling with. The workshops are designed to be fun, so join us for one and see what you think.

Learn more about our workshops by contacting us today!


One on one sessions for yoga training can be just what you need as it will allow you to focus more on YOU. Everyone is unique and this is something we focus on at Warrior Goddess Ayurveda. What works for one person may not work for you and this is an important thing to be aware of.

When you schedule a one-one-one session with us, we will learn more about you and what you can and cannot do. We will also find out about the benefits you hope to achieve with yoga therapy. We will then break down the asanas so you know how to do them properly. Only by performing each asana (position) properly can you achieve all of the benefits.

There is no reason to be shy about performing yoga. It can be one of the most therapeutic things that you introduce into your life.


Dance therapy, sometimes called movement therapy, is an expressive form of dance that allows you to benefit not only from the movements for your body, but also for your mind and spirit. It can be very therapeutic and there is never an age range for it to be beneficial. Men and women of all ages can participate in dance therapy and it may be just what you have been looking for.

At Warrior Goddess Ayurveda, Dilek is an award winning Turkish dance artist, so you will benefit from her controlled movements so you can heal the physical problems that you are having as well as improve your emotional and mental health.

The body-mind interface can be tapped into with dance therapy. It will allow you to function on a higher level mentally and spiritually. Say goodbye to stress and feel the improvements in your being as you move about. It can be an excellent way to get up and get moving while having it be therapeutic at the same time.


Workshops are available where you will participate in group dance therapy. This allows you to dance along with others who have similar goes to you – and some of the friends you meet within the workshops may become friends for life.

Within the workshops, you will not only learn new dance moves, but learn a lot of the “why” to the dance therapy so you can find out why it is that you’re dancing as a way of relieving mental and emotional stress. There are many workshops offered throughout the year that will teach you more about how to benefit from dance and even various dance routines.

Contact us now to learn more about some of the upcoming workshops you will have the chance to participate in.


Have you ever wanted to dance until your heart is content, but didn’t want others to see? There are one-on-one sessions where you can learn all about the benefits of dance therapy as well as moves that will help you to free your mind and ease your body. The movement therapy will be designed specifically with your body and limitations in mind so you never have to worry about hurting yourself. The focus will be on you and ways for you to receive the maximum amount of benefits.

Learn more about scheduling a one-on-session by calling or emailing today.

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